January 20, 2011

Present: Emelia Benjamin, Peter Cahn (recorder), Isabel Dominguez, Angela Jackson, Stephanie Lee, Jane Liebschutz (chair), Paola Massari, Subha Ramani, Christopher Shanahan

I. Family leave policy

A.      Feedback for BU campus on draft policy

  1. Does this policy apply to Ph.D. faculty in the Department?
  2. Let the Faculty Council know we are concerned about the 6 weeks’ paid leave limit

B.      Compare with Faculty Practice Plan policy

  1. What do other medical schools provide?
  2. Action: Isabel Dominguez, Paola Massari, Jane Liebschutz, and Peter Cahn will meet to summarize the differences between the policies and report back.

II. Seminar survey

A.        See attached results

  1. We may have scheduled too many seminars. To raise attendance for upcoming seminars need personal invitations, announcements in sections.
  2. Action: Peter Cahn will produce slide announcing upcoming seminars. Committee members will present the slides at section meetings.

B.         Faculty development for educators takes time.

  1. Action: Work with Angela Jackson to plan two half-day sessions for clinical educators on different days of the week six months in the future.

III. Membership of Committee

A.         Current composition

  1. If you can’t attend, find someone else from your section who can represent you.
  2. Action: Peter Cahn will provide text announcing a call for new members. FDDC members will circulate the text to their sections.
  3. Action: In addition to the open call, FDDC members will target new recruits (men, Ph.D., and underrepresented minority faculty in particular) to join. Sections to focus on include Rheumatology, Cardiology, Pulmonary, Endocrinology, and GI.

IV. Working committee on teams

A. As part of our focus on managing change, we will initiate a working group on ways to promote effective teamwork.

  1. Action: Let Peter Cahn know if you’d like to be part of the working group.

B.    References on collective intelligence:

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