February 13, 2012

Present: Jane Liebschutz, Emelia Benjamin, Angela Jackson, Sonia Ananthakrishnan, Paola Massari, Justin McCummings, Peter Cahn, Frank Farraye, Isabel Dominguez

Item Discussion Action
Diversity brainstorm Recruitment 

  • Retain outstanding residents and fellows
  • Offer recruitment packages
  • Use CityLab database
  • Establish a welcome protocol


  • Have a centralized place for job seekers
  • Include links to area events
  • Brand BU, make values clear

Word of mouth

  • Ask current URM faculty
  • Target potential fellows and faculty at conferences
  • Send a letter to recommenders

Search policies

  • Post all jobs with clear job descriptions
  • Train search committees in unconscious bias
  • Accommodate dual-career couples


  • Present at section chiefs’ meeting
  • Hold chiefs accountable for diversity in their annual reviews
  • Provide leadership opportunities for faculty

Ensuring vitality

  • Offer training to mentors
  • Build community and satisfaction
  • Establish effective sensitivity training
Committee membership update
  • Isabel Dominguez approved as vice chair
  • Members who have not participated will have the opportunity to rotate off the committee
  • Jane Liebschutz to contact dormant members
  • Marjory Charlot will be invited to join the committee
Education pilot grants tabled

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