April 23, 2012

Present: Sonia Ananthakrishnan, Emelia Benjamin, Peter Cahn, Marjory Charlot, Michael Ieong,  Jane Liebschutz, Matt Russell

Item Discussion Action
Faculty development grants
  • More senior the applicant, the greater the burden to give back.
  • Important for epidemiologists to retool
  • How to recruit more PhD applicants? NP applicants?
  • Peter Cahn will contact awardees
  • Jane Liebschutz will consult with chair on deferred applicant
  • Bring grants to Barbara Corkey’s attention. Have Isabel give a presentation.
  • Add NP to committee membership. Peter Cahn will ask Kim Claude to join.
Education pilot grants
  • Put more details about kinds of projects, post examples. Have educational samples.
  • How much in budget? $12,000 divided among 2-3 people. If goes well can ask for more funds.
  • May take time for proposal quality to improve. Leverage money really well.
  • Could be used to pay for simulation patients, OSCE.
  • Online application helpful with prompts for each question.
  • Reorder: Background, significance (why this is needed?), specific design, preliminary research (can include literature review).
  • Add FAQ to explain application. Downloadable instruction manual for those who have not put together grant.
  • Potential for scholarly products and/or external funding as an evaluation criteria
  • Jane Liebschutz will provide links to training programs for similar grant program.
  • Peter Cahn will create instruction manual.
  • Peter Cahn will create online form to submit.
  • Set deadline June 15. Can start projects July 1-October 1. Must be completed within 12 months of activation date.
  • Sonia Ananthakrishnan will help publicize with education group. Send notice to clerkship directors.
  • Peter Cahn will make clear eligibility is for DOM.
  • Peter Cahn will make clear that multi-PI groups may apply. If so, must include a leadership plan. Can have collaborators outside DOM, but PIs must be in DOM.
Mentoring models
  • Offer CV boot camp at least twice a year. Implies there should be progress in your career. Efficient learning experience, very helpful.
  • Can roll out in sections. Ask section chiefs to hold boot camp, perhaps combine sections.
  • Career consult. Book a walk with anyone on the FDDC. Consultancy: someone articulates a problem, go around the table and each person gives feedback.
  • Faculty Development seminar on training the Beeson model. Pilot in GIM meeting. Sign up in advance. Statement of safety-better to do with people outside your section.
  • StrengthsFinder 2.0
  • Peter Cahn will send link to consultancy literature with minutes.
  • Buy for lending library: What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, StrengthsFinders
  • Discuss next time: mentoring assistant professors.

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