Committee Bylaws

ARTICLE 1:  Name
Faculty Development and Diversity Committee of the Department of Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine

ARTICLE 2:  Purpose
The committee’s goal is to promote the advancement, promotion, retention, and vitality of faculty members by fostering a respectful, creative and collaborative environment in the Department of Medicine. Such an environment will support faculty members to reach their full potential and maximize their contributions to the educational, research, clinical, and service missions of the Boston University School of Medicine.

ARTICLE 3:  Membership
Members will hold faculty appointments in the Department of Medicine at Boston University.  There will be a minimum of 10 members on the committee and a maximum of 25. They will include the Vice Chair of Faculty Development and Diversity and the Director of Faculty Development and Diversity.

Additional members should reflect the diverse composition of the department, including faculty who represent:

  • A broad range of sections
  • Clinical, research, teaching, and administrative tracks

Selection of committee members
Members who commit to fulfill the responsibilities below will be selected through open nominations, including self-nomination. Membership begins at the first meeting following the nomination.

Responsibilities of committee members
To remain active, committee members are encouraged to:

  • Attend as many meetings as possible. At a minimum they should attend six meetings a year including subcommittee meetings. Members who cannot attend in person should send comments on the agenda ahead of time to the Director of Faculty Development and Diversity.
  • Review grants in at least 1 of the 4 cycles each year. Members may participate in deliberations either in person or by sending in comments ahead of time.
  • Serve as host for at least 1 of the 12 faculty development seminars each academic year. Hosting will allow committee members to contribute more effectively to the development of the following year’s seminars while enhancing community-building.
  • Help to publicize faculty development events to their colleagues by sending targeted invitations.

Term of committee members
Members will serve renewable terms of 3 to 5 years. If a member is unable to fulfill the listed responsibilities, then the committee chair will discuss with the member what role he or she would like to play or whether it makes sense to allow someone else to serve.

ARTICLE 4:  Officers
The committee will be led by a Chair selected from among its members. When a vacancy in the chair position occurs, the Vice Chair for Faculty Development and Diversity will ask members of the committee for nominations for the position. Candidates will submit written statements of their goals for the committee. The Director will circulate the statements to the membership, who will vote electronically. The candidate with the most votes will assume the position.

Responsibilities of chair
The Chair, in concert with the Director of Faculty Development and Diversity, will:

  • Schedule meetings
  • Prepare an agenda for each meeting
  • Review minutes
  • Convene subcommittees where necessary
  • Present committee findings to departmental leadership

Term of chair
The chair will serve for a renewable term of 3 to 5 years.

ARTICLE 5:  Meetings
The committee will meet a minimum of once a month eleven times during the year excluding August. Each meeting will last for one hour. They are open to any member of the Department of Medicine. Subcommittees will be created as needed to address specific concerns.

All full committee meeting dates will be announced at least three months in advance and posted on the Department of Medicine website. Agendas for each meeting will be circulated one week prior. As they may meet more spontaneously, subcommittee meetings will require less notice.

The Director of Faculty Development and Diversity or his designate will take minutes during meetings. Minutes from each meeting will be available on the committee’s website within a week.

ARTICLE 6:  Bylaw Amendment Process
Proposed amendments to the bylaws must be included in the agenda of the meeting prior to discussion. Approval requires consent from 2/3 of all committee members. Voting will take place over e-mail.

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