April 7, 2011

Members present: Emelia Benjamin, Peter Cahn (recorder), Isabel Dominguez, Karen Freund, Caroline Genco, Michael Ieong, Stephanie Lee, Jane Liebschutz (chair), Christopher Shanahan

  1. Summary of recommendations for parental leave proposal. (Comparison table)
    • Discussion: FPP policy affects only clinical faculty. Paid leave affects physician retention and shows sensitivity to same-sex couples. FPP could restore flexibility at no cost by allowing:
      • Nonconsecutive weeks of leave
      • Part-time status
      • Start does not have to coincide with delivery
    • Outcome: Revise proposal and send to FDDC for review. Once approved, send to Chair to review. He will have the option to attend a committee meeting or speak to representatives of the committee.
  2. Proposal to limit use of “research” prefix in faculty titles.
    • Discussion: Too many faculty have Research Assistant Professorship status. It strains resources and leaves them with the impression of greater protection. It’s important to keep faculty status for PhDs who teach medical students. Sections should have the flexibility of a range of faculty and nonfaculty titles as long as scientists made aware of the implications.
    • Outcome: Recommend that Vice Chair of Research and Chair of the Appointments and Promotions Committee work together to
      • impose transparency on appointments
      • use Research Scientist title for PhDs who are not on a path to independent funding.
  3. Boosting morale in light of budget tightening. (Internal Medicine jobs)
    • Discussion: RVU expectations have increased each of the past four years. The possibility of a pay cut and inflexible clinical rules add to the strain. Primary care physicians have opportunities at other teaching hospitals that offer more clinical support and lower RVU targets. FDDC should suggest creative ways to reinforce department’s commitment to faculty retention and teaching. Suggestions include:
      • Establish bank to redistribute RVUs from overperformers
      • Flexibility in clinical schedules to accommodate childcare
      • Offer reduction in RVU targets for teaching
      • Pay cut can be graded so that lose 2% if physician misses target by 2%
      • Give sections freedom to set own clinical schedules
      • Hire efficiency expert or coach to support faculty in meeting goals
      • Provide more clinical support through MAs
      • Encourage shared medical appointments
      • Allow clinicians to personalize office decorations
    • Outcome: Gather data from peer institutions of RVU targets and clinical support. Then,
      • Meet with committee and sections to generate more ideas for supporting clinicians.
      • Present ideas to Chief Medical Officer, DOM Chair, Vice Chair for Outpatient Medicine, and Vice Chair for Inpatient Medicine
  4. Tabled: Giving voice, promotion possibilities to NPs.
    • Outcome: prepare discussion for future meeting

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