Faculty Development and Diversity Committee

Vision: Foster a respectful, creative and collaborative environment that will support the faculty to reach their full potential and maximize their contributions to cultivating excellence in the educational, research, clinical, and service missions of the DOM, BU and contribute to the community at large.
Goal: The goal of faculty development and diversity efforts are to recruit, retain, promote and nurture a vibrant and diverse faculty.
Broad measurable outcomes:
  • Improve ability to recruit most talented diverse faculty
  • Retain, nurture, advance and promote faculty in all tracks
  • Encourage all faculty members to have an individual career development plan
  • Increase faculty satisfaction on annual survey
Emelia J. Benjamin, MD, ScM, Vice Chair, Faculty Development and Diversity
Jane Liebschutz, MD, MPH, Co-Chair, Faculty Development and Diversity
Isabel Dominguez, PhDCo- Chair, Faculty Development and Diversity
Robina Bhasin, EdM, Director, Faculty Development and Diversity
Office: Evans 116
Phone: (617) 638-8099
 Sonia Ananthakrishnan, MD
Jose Cacicedo, PhD
Marjory Charlot, MD
Kimberly R. Claude, ANP-BC
Francis A. Farraye, MD MSc
Michael H. Ieong, MD
Sharon A. Levine, MD
Weining Lu, MD
Paola Massari, PhD
Christopher W. Shanahan, MD
Gopal Yadavalli, MD
Michael York, MD 





Emelia Benjamin
Phyllis Carr
Michelle David
Isabel Dominguez
Karen Freund
Caroline Genco
Michael Ieong
Angela Jackson
Stephanie Lee
Paul Lelorier
Sharon Levine
Jane Liebschutz
Maria LoSurdo (cc:)
Katherine Lupton
Paola Massari
Sara Nadelman (cc:)
Subha Ramani
Carol Rosenberg
Matthew Russell
Faina Schwartz
Adam Segal
Chris Shanahan
Rebecca Silliman
Catherine Yu

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