December 6, 2010

Wilkins Board Room

3:00 p.m.

Present: Emelia Benjamin, Renee Boynton-Jarrett, Peter Cahn (recorder), Greg Grillone, Ariel Hirsch, Michael Ieong, Celeste Kong, Sharon Levine, Francine Montemurro, Stephanie Oberhaus, Victoria Parker, Marianne Prout, Barbara Schreiber

I. Finalize curriculum, assignments, and readings

  • Avoid conflicts with vacation time
  • Include a topic on the IRB?
  • Disciplinary specific topics like promotions and finding funding should have representatives from all three schools
  • Add links to the presenters’ bios
  • Clarify the locations of the sessions
  • Reword learning objectives
  • Make the session on supervision and evaluation more focused on giving feedback to students and trainees
  • A brief paper evaluation should occur at the end of each session. Four times during the year, participants will compete summative evaluations on-line.
  • Provide a packet of the completed curriculum to the Dean for LCME review
  • To help speakers tailor their presentations, we will provide them with
    • List of mentees and their projects
    • List of topics addressed
    • One or two questions submitted in advance by mentees

II. Structure the first session

  • Separate the discussion of ground rules from discussion of aligning expectations with mentors. Allow 10-15 minutes for each with the ground rules coming before the discussion of the reading.
  • Provide name tags, snacks, and coffee.
  • Francine Montemurro and Mark Braun will offer guidelines for learning communities.

III. Research update: assign reviewers for CV analysis

  • Two members of the task force will review each CV in the pool of research subjects.
  • They will review CVs from faculty of a similar phenotype with the right to recuse themselves.
  • Add a N/A option to the subjective measures and make more legible.
  • In the next meeting, we will rehearse a CV analysis

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