December 20, 2010

Wilkins Board Room

3:00 p.m.

Members present: Emelia Benjamin (chair), Renee Boynton-Jarrett, Mark Braun, Peter Cahn (recorder), Sam Frank, Greg Grillone, Celeste Kong, Francine Montemurro, Stephanie Oberhaus, Marianne Prout, Barbara Schreiber, Ann Zumwalt

I. Structuring the first session

A. Introduce leaders and history of the program (Emelia Benjamin)

B. Establish ground rules (Francine Montemurro and Mark Braun)

C. Explore our diversity exercise (Peter Cahn)

D. Deliver elevator speeches (Judy Jones)

E. Discuss reading (Marianne Prout)

F. Align expectations with mentors (Francine Montemurro and Mark Braun)

G. Meet in learning teams (all leaders)

H. Reconvene for a toast

II. Future sessions

A. Leaders meet once a month to review progress

B. Photo roster of participants and e-mails put on-line

C. Outside facilitators will be encouraged to prepare 40-minute, interactive presentations

D. Before the summer break, participants will be invited to dinner at Emelia Benjamin’s house

E. Moderators will help control air time, stimulate discussion

F. Participants will take turns facilitating in the small groups, if they choose

III. CV Analysis

A. Measures change over time through qualitative and quantitative questions

B. Follows instrument from:

Morzinski JA, Schubot DB. Evaluating faculty development outcomes by using curriculum vitae analysis. Fam Med. 2000;32(3):185-189.

C. Norm our expectations for what constitutes scholarly contributions.

D. Use Author Finder to determine citation number and H-index

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