Photo Roster

Audrey Calderwood 

“The program exceeded my expectations. I learned a lot from mentoring provided by both my peers and wise, senior faculty.”



Corinna Culler 

“This program has more than met my expectations. Its benefits, both from what we learned and the contacts we made, are immeasurable and will surely last throughout our careers. Plus, it has been fun.”

culler-corinna GSDM-Health Policy
Melissa DiPetrillo DiPetrillo BUSM-General Internal Medicine
Tara Dumont Dumont_Tara-2-5x3-5-214x300 BUSM-General Internal Medicine
Nicole Glazer Glazer_Nicole-2-5x3-5-214x300 BUSM-Preventive Medicine
Gouri Gupte Gupte SPH-Health Policy
Natasha Hochberg 

“Mentorship, advice, camaraderie, laughter, and free lunch. What more could we need?”

Hochberg-Natasha-201x300 SPH-Epidemiology
Andrea Mercurio BUSM-Psychiatry
Lauren Nentwich nentwich BUSM-Emergency Medicine
Craig Noronha Craig-Noronha BUSM-General Internal Medicine
Sharon Sagiv Sagiv SPH-Environmental Health
Amy Sobota 7975885 BUSM-Pediatrics
Winnie Suen

“The faculty was wonderful and committed to our growth personally and as academicians.  I enjoyed meeting, working, and collaborating with the other ECFD fellows from different department and schools.  It was truly a wonderful experience that has given me the tools to further advance in my career!”

Suen BUSM-Geriatrics
Devaki Sundararajan Devaki GSDM-Oral Pathology
Bob Varelas Varelas BUSM-Biochemistry
Martina Vendrame 

“This program was a precious opportunity to learn how to grow in the academic world. Beside being informative and involving fabulous speakers…it was also a lot of fun!”

Vendrame_Martina-2x2-150x150 BUSM-Neurology
Catharine Wang Wang SPH-Community Health Sciences
Ying Wu wu-ying-200 GSDM-General Dentistry