ECFDP Summer 2011

Informal lunches

To keep the conversation going over the summer, we will host five voluntary lunches for program participants. I will send these out via Outlook invitation; please RSVP so that I have a sense of how much food to order. All take place on Mondays between 12:00 and 1:00 p.m.

  • June 13 – Evans 118
  • June 27 – Evans 115
  • July 11 – Evans 115
  • July 25 – Evans 115
  • August 8 – Evans 118

We can also use the lunches to facilitate meetings of peer mentoring groups around grant writing, curricular development, and research methods.

Procrastination tips

  • Block out time on calendar for working
  • Make yourself accountable to someone else
  • Change your work environment
  • Deactivate e-mail alerts
  • Allow for fun rewards

Career development

  • Bring CV to mentor/senior colleague and ask what it will take to get promoted
  • Track letters from recommenders for promotion
  • Weave a story of how different experiences make you capable of meeting the next challenge
  • Team up with a senior person to write a review article pointing out future research directions in a field
  • If waiting for a senior colleague to review a manuscript, make an appointment and take notes while he/she edits

Grants and research