January 10, 2011


2:00-2:10              Introductions of leaders and goals of the program

2:10-2:20              Establish ground rules for discussion, confidentiality

2:20-2:40              Explore our diversity. Get to know you exercise where interview other

participants about items not on their CV, report back to the group.

2:40-3:20              Deliver elevator speeches

3:20-3:30              Break

3:30-3:45              Discuss reading assignment

3:45-4:00              Aligning expectations with mentors

4:00-4:30              Assign learning communities, meet with facilitators


Learning communities:

Audrey Calderwood Bob Varelas
Corinna Culler Andrea Mercurio
Gouri Gupte Natasha Hochberg
Catharine Wang Sharon Sagiv
Tara Dumont Craig Noronha
Melissa DiPetrillo Devaki Sundararajan
Amy Sobota Ying Wu
Winnie Suen Lauren Nentwich
Nicole Glazer Martina Vendrame

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