April 4, 2012

When did transition start?

  • When named as chiefs, but actual transition started in June 2011
  • Schedule change started in December.
  • Internal self transition happened when nominated.

Who is responsible for the transition?

  • Sitting chiefs
  • Program office (PD, APDs)
  • Administrative staff

What should they provide?

  • Operational details
  • Knowledge base of people
  • How to run a morning report
  • Conflict management, how to deal with people, relationships
  • Advocate for residents, staff
  • Consult on cases

What worked last year?

  • Coaching on morning report
  • Share all e-mails with the group
  • Treat everyone equally
  • Put us on alert
  • Smooth hand-off of people with issues

What could be more effective?

  • Meet ahead of time
  • Passing of the torch at Emelia’s house
  • Start positive
  • Personnel discussions
  • Separate venting from productive discussions
  • Use APDIM to help with transition
  • Rotations in leadership for 3rd year residents
  • Remember it’s a process
  • Rising chiefs make the holiday schedule in 3rd year
  • Split recruitment dinners among different cohorts of chiefs
Skill Person responsible
  • Program office
  • Sitting chiefs
  • IT
  • Sitting chiefs
Leadership and management
  • Program director
  • Peter/Emelia/Mark
  • Sitting chiefs
  • Sitting chiefs

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