Application for the Academy for Collaborative Innovation & Transformation

Information about the Academy for Collaborative Innovation & Transformation

Academy for Collaborative Innovation & Transformation

This application for the 2014 Academy for Innovative Collaboration & Transformation (ACIT) is open from August 19 to October 2, 2014. Please submit your CV and letter of support as PDFs. If your Chair/Chief prefers to submit the letter independently, please ask her/him to email the letter to Robina Bhasin at
  • The Chair/Chief's letter should address the following points: (1) Does the applicant fulfill commitments? (2) Is the applicant innovative and open to change? (3) Does the applicant work well with colleagues? (4) Are you willing to give the applicant protected time to participate in the program? (5) In order to measure the program, we seek to create a reference group made up of faculty who are considered equivalents of program participants. Who in your Department/Section is an equivalent to the applicant (e.g., rank, similar number of years at rank, phenotype)? (6) If the applicant were successful what would his/her impact be on your department and the institution?

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