January 25, 2011


Present: Tom Barber, Peter Cahn (recorder), Sharon Levine, Liz Klings, Dan Oates (chair), Matt Russell

I. Safe Space program

  1. GLSEN sponsors a Safe Space program for LGBT allies on campus. By displaying the sticker on their offices, faculty signal that they have received training in LGBT issues.
  2. The curriculum is geared to high schools. How can we modify for the needs of a medical campus?
  3. Possible resources: LGBT office at MIT, Calvin Chou at American Academy on Communication in Healthcare

II. Training

  1. Aim for a session in May from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. with RSVPs.
  2. Invite: residency and fellowship program directors, deans, course directors, Academy of Advisers, or their delegates
  3. Must pitch training to a sophisticated audience. Explain jargon and include role plays and interactive exercises.

III. Train the trainers

  1. A core group of trainers drawing from LGBT faculty, Francine Montemurro, and the BUSM Office of Multicultural Affairs
  2. Trainers will package a curriculum pitched at the right level
  3. Action: Peter Cahn will prepare a menu of exercises to include in the curriculum. Group will review and discuss at next meeting.

Next meeting: Tuesday, February 22 at 4:00 p.m. in Evans 118