February 22, 2011


Present: Peter Cahn (recorder), Doug Hughes, Liz Klings, Dan Oates, Matt Russell

I. Safe Space Training

  1. Goals: Envision a group of individuals trained and available to serve as counselors for students. Post a list of faculty who have completed the training, display pink triangles. Once cadre in place can build visibility by going to clerkship directors’, residency program directors’, and GME meetings.
  2. Audience: All LGBT and allied faculty on the medical campus will be invited to participate in the training. .
  3. Methods: Invite outside expert to lead a workshop with interested faculty on how to help students who are coming out or who face discrimination. Focus on how to connect with all audiences and reach nonresponsive colleagues.
  4. Next steps:
    1. Contact suggested outside facilitator.
    2. Send out a Doodle poll to interested faculty to determine availability in May or June.
    3. Schedule a 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. workshop with dinner.

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