August 30, 2011

Present: Tom Barber, Peter Cahn, Doug Hughes, Michael Ieong, Matt Russell

I. Safe Space Training

  • While helpful, some of the information assumed a less experienced audience
  • Important to create awareness of diversity and a nonjudgmental environment
  • Agreement to hold it again. Consider podcasting.

II. LGBT conversation

  • Open forum should happen more frequently; normalizes the discussion
  • Format stilted, overly controlled
  • Revealed interaction between minority groups

III. Future directions

  • Create a traveling show in the departmental grand rounds slot.
  • Keep it interactive, informal. Create a panel that includes member of department targeted.
  • Attract audience of unconverted by offering risk management CME credit.
  • Start with DOM, which will make it easier to sell to other departments.
  • Look for opportunities to engage other hospital staff as they seek to change the work environment.
  • Create quarterly social spaces with food for open conversation

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