Class of 2008 Students Share Their Summer Experiences

This document is composed of vignettes written by Class of 2008 B.U. medical students about their summer 2005 experiences. Feel free to contact any of the students with questions; they have volunteered to help!

List of Experiences:

Clegg Scholar at the British Medical Journal, London, England by Allison Barrett (

I worked as a Clegg Scholar at the British Medical Journal (BMJ) in London. Scholars serve as editorial interns, writers, and editors for the StudentBMJ, BMJ and BMJCareers publications. They can take part in the editorial process by reading and critiquing scholarly pieces. The internship is very flexible. I chose to do a lot of news reporting because that is my interest, but others can focus on editing scholarly work. The internship is 8 weeks and paid. Writing experience is preferred.

Coler-Goldwater Externship, Roosevelt Island, New York City by Ethan Bortniker (

I really had a great chance to develop my physical exam skills. Additionally, we learned a lot about medical management of long term issues like HIV, spinal cord injury, stroke rehab, and general geriatric care. The staff and mentors were very helpful and tried to teach when possible. We also got a lot of contact with specialist care through the specialists that visit the facility once or twice a week each. This program was also a great way to spend time in New York City, probably the most exciting place there is. The program was a great compromise between having a learning experience, and taking the summer to relax.

Medical Student Summer Research Program at BUSM by Karen Hawley (

I participated in the BUSM Summer Research Program. I worked (under the preceptorship of Catherine Powers, Ed.D, Department of Dermatology) on developing and teaching a curriculum for teen smoking and nutrition. My mentor is in education at BUMC and I worked with another BUSM I student as well. I also volunteered with two other projects. One involved a program at the MFA for the visually impaired (totally not school related). And the other was working with Dr. Hoagland and other first-year medical students on writing a lab manual for the Anatomy class. (This project still needs some work).

Summer Research Fellowship at the NIH, Washington, D.C. by Rebecca Grochow (

I spent 8 weeks doing basic science research at the NIH, near Washington, DC. I chose to work in a neurovirology basic science lab, but funding through the SRFP allows you to choose among all of the labs – both basic and clinical – at the NIH to do research for at least 8 weeks during the summer. The summer culminates in a poster session, during which all of the summer students (from high school through medical school) have the opportunity to present their research. As a medical student, I also had the opportunity to attend rounds at the NIH ICU and investigate clinical research opportunities. If you are interested in any sort of research, this is a great opportunity to get your feet wet or improve upon research skills you already have. You must apply for the funding as well as be proactive about finding a lab – basic or clinical – willing to take you for the summer.