Class of 2007 Students Share Their Summer Experiences

This document is composed of vignettes written by Class of 2007 B.U. medical students about their summer 2004 experiences. Feel free to contact any of the students with questions; they have volunteered to help!

List of Experiences:

American Medical Student Association Internship by Dustin Petersen (

I spent 3-4 weeks of my summer working as an intern at AMSA’s national office just outside of Washington, DC. Several opportunities are available each year, but I chose to work on updating the website. A small stipend was provided and housing in a nearby townhouse with other interns was available for free. The opportunity to work alongside AMSA’s national leaders in an effort to bring meaningful change to health care is something that you’ll be proud to put on your CV. Plus Reston, VA was a nice change of pace from city life for a while and there is a lot to see and do in nearby Washington, DC.

BAHEC Teacher by Adrienne Marold (

I co-taught an IP class to high school students taking an enrichment curriculum over the summer. It was a great program because the students actually get paid to take these courses over the summer, so they don’t feel like they have to get jobs. These students posed a challenge because of their difficult age, but it was very fun and we learned a great deal about medicine and teamwork together. It was nice to be on the other side for IP. Feel free to contact me, or Peter Shaw, Ph.D.

Exploration Junior Program by Justin Dunn (

This is basically a summer camp for kids in 4th-7th grade. I was a Residence Director, working with the RAs that were spending all their time with the kids. I also had a good deal of face-time with the kids (playing, hanging out, teaching) but because I was in the Dean’s Office, a lot of it was disciplinary. This is a great chance to hang out with kids, meet some great people, make a lot of money, and do something “non-medical” all summer.

Medical Student Summer Research Program at BUSM

by Barak Bar ( I conducted research in the new MRI imaging center (BMC) and learned how MRI machines operate and about computer programming. I recommend doing research over the summer to anybody who has ideas of pursing research in their future careers. I also went to Bolivia for two weeks after the research experience for a break before second year started.

by Jamin Brahmbhatt ( I conducted research in the Department of Surgery (under the direction of Arthur Stucchi, Ph.D.) studying the Effects of Substance P Receptor Antagonist (SPRA) and Doxycycline on Peritoneal Adhesion Formation and MMP activity. Intra-abdominal adhesion formation and reformation after surgery is a significant cause of morbidity. We hypothesized that Substance P Receptor Antagonist and Doxycycline would lead to a decrease in adhesions. This opportunity was a beneficial means to get introduced to the field via an experience in surgical research.

By Kathleen Hong ( I spent the summer doing research in the BUMC Department of Reproductive Biology, under Deborah Anderson, M.D. and Jeff Pudney. My project focused on the presence of interferons in the female genital tract and possible correlation to the patient state of infection. It was a very rewarding experience, and I highly recommend the lab to anyone who is interested in summer research!

by Sachin Pandey ( I conducted nephrology research, working in very close contact with several nephrology attending physicians as well as a close knit group of renal fellows. The work examined a cellular model for acute renal failure; specifically, the role of apoptotic cell death and the possibility to protect against it vs. the role of necrotic cell death. Basic cell biologic lab techniques were learned and applied in this excellent learning atmosphere.

Research Internship, Dept. of Emergency Medicince, North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System by Jennifer Muniz (

I worked as part of the basic science research lab in the Department of Emergency Medicine at North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System (Long Island, New York). I worked under Dr. Haichao Wang performing Western Blots and helping him further his research in proteins involved in late-mediated inflammation and sepsis.

Summer Student Fellowship Program at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre, New York by Sheila Masakhalia (

This is paid research project at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre in New York. The program has other educational activities throughout the summer that make for a well-rounded experience.

Village Camps & Cross-Country Road Trip by Gladys Lee (

Village Camps is an organization that runs children’s summer camps (residential and day camps) in various cities throughout the world. In July, I was placed at a day camp in The Hague, Netherlands, which meant I had nights and weekends off–which meant I got to take off for cities like Bruges, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam on the weekends because the cities are so close to each other and the trains are so fast and the euro is so convenient over there! Then in August I took about two and half weeks to drive across the country (CA to MA) and saw Rocky Mountain and Wind Cave National Parks and lots of other good stuff.