Medical Spanish Courses at BUSM

The Office of Enrichments offers two levels of Medical Spanish instruction to medical students at Boston University. These courses are considered free-time electives; no grade is given, but each student who completes a majority of the course sessions receives a letter in his/her student file noting his/her participation. Both courses are taught by Cristián Baidal Sequeira, an experienced Spanish instructor. Information on the course meeting times and sign-up procedures will be communicated via the medical student e-mailing lists.

Intensive Beginner Medical Spanish (immediately after classes end in spring) This course gives students – with no prior Spanish instruction – the opportunity to develop medical and general Spanish vocabulary and grammar, including colloquial terms and slang in order to more effectively treat the Spanish-speaking patient.

Intermediate Medical Spanish (fall and spring semester; 12 two-hour sessions total) This course is for students who speak basic Spanish phrases. It is not for beginners. Students in this course will expanded their knowledge and language utilization with real case medical scenarios, dialogues, and role plays. There will be an emphasis on building medical Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and integrating these components into conversation with the Spanish-speaking patient. A placement exam is required for entry to this course.