Free-Time Electives, Spring, 2015 (BUSM I)

I. What are free time electives?

Free-time electives are non-graded courses offered to BUSM I medical students
in the spring semester. All BUSM I students are welcome to attend these electives
although students with advanced placement in one or more spring courses (those
with “free time”) are highly encouraged to attend. No grades are awarded for these
electives (with the exception of B.U. undergraduate courses and SPH courses –
see below), and no mark will appear on your transcript. If you sign up for a GMS
course you will be auditing it.

II. Requirements and Deadlines

Requirement: You must be in good academic standing in order to sign up
for a free-time elective, and you must continue to be in good academic
standing as the semester progresses. You are encouraged to meet with a dean in
the Office of Student Affairs if there are questions regarding your academic status
and suitability to undertake an elective. Enrollment period: December 2,
2014 – January 15, 2015 (there are exceptions – see below). Questions? Contact
Ana Bediako.

III. Descriptions of Free-Time Electives: Spring, 2015

All free-time electives are listed below. Each elective has a specific person
who handles sign up. Contact this person directly to enroll.

  1. Business and Leadership in Medicine
  2. Clinical Infectious Disease
  3. The Healer’s Art
  4. Introduction to Emergency Medicine
  5. Spectrum of Physician Advocacy
  6. Division of Graduate Medical Sciences Courses
  7. School of Public Health Courses
  8. Undergraduate Courses at BU

1. Business and Leadership in Medicine

>> To sign up: Go to Google Docs.

Course Managers: Vivian Wang, BUSM II, and Conan Liang, BUSM II

The major objectives of the course include:

  • To explore the various ways to be a leader in medicine.
  • To explore the benefits of pursuing an MBA and other formal education to
    meet your career goals as a physician and as a leader.
  • To recognize how physician-leaders in medicine have brought about positive changes in the practice of medicine through their roles in the insurance industry,
    the pharmaceutical industry, government, and other areas.
  • To learn how we, as future physicians, can become leaders and learn to
    analyze complex health care problems through both a clinical and a business lens.
  • To cultivate interprofessional collaboration between a variety of health
    professions through business.


Business and Leadership in Medicine is a spring elective that serves as a crash
course for medical students on leadership and business in medicine. Physicians
have historically played a great role in the advancement of medical practice,
from the development of drugs and devices to the development of care guidelines.
Physicians play key roles in the insurance industry, the pharmaceutical industry,
the government, the health care consulting industry, and beyond. Even in a strictly
clinical setting, the ability to manage and lead has become increasingly valuable
given the ever-increasing demands to deliver high quality care at lower costs.
This course is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of topics that are
not covered in depth in medical school, but will profoundly affect the practice
of medicine. The course will feature health care leaders from a wide range of
industries and professional expertise. The course will also feature interactive
workshops that include in-class case studies that will hone your leadership
skills and style. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with prominent
physician-leaders who can serve as mentors throughout your medical school career and beyond.

Course Structure:

There will be eight 90-minute classes from January 27, 2015 – March 31, 2015.
The course will be limited to the first 30 students who sign-up. During the
first session, seven teams of five students will be developed. The leadership
roles of each of those students will change each session. The teams will be
given a case study related to the topic for each session. The course sessions
will run: 30 minute introduction, 50 minute case study (team discussion and
presentation), and 10 minute follow-up. Requirements: The course requirements
involve attendance of 7 out of 8 sessions and active involvement in case studies
during the course.

Course Schedule: All sessions are Tuesday, 6:00 – 7:30 PM: 1/27/15,
2/3/15, 2/10/15, 2/17/15, 2/24/15, 3/17/15, 3/24/15, 3/31/15

2. Clinical Infectious Disease/Departments of Infectious
Diseases and Pathology, BUSM

>> To sign up: Complete the questionnaire by December 1 and e-mail it to Ian Francis, Student Course Manager.

Click here for complete course description.

3. The Healer’s Art All information on this elective is available at The Healer’s Art.

4. Introduction to Emergency Medicine

>> To sign up: Print the registration form, and bring it to Liz Gallagher in the Office of Student Affairs, Rm. A208A, M-F. E-mail will not be accepted. The deadline to sign up is Friday, December 12, 2014.

All students will be notified of their placement by Wednesday, December 17,
2014. The class capacity is 60 students (first come, first serve). Once the
class has filled, interested students will be put on a waiting list. For more
information contact Liz Gallagher, Student Programs Manager.

Course Manager: Ron Mezdon, M.D.

Goals: To teach the fundamental approach to a variety of emergency medical
conditions, whether encountered inside or outside the hospital. ”

Objectives: To provide the students with the knowledge and skills required
to provide immediate aid, to identify problems, to establish a differential
diagnosis of important problems, and to devise a treatment plan for those problems. Reading: Introduction to Emergency Medicine, Mitchell E and Mozden R, eds., Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins, 2005.

Description: There will be ten 60-90-min. classes January 21, 2015 –
April 8, 2015. All classes will be held at the Medical School. Students will
be allowed to sign up for either one ambulance ride with Boston EMS or spend
an evening in the BMC Harrison Ave. Emergency Room observing (4 hours). Sign
up for ambulance rides will be held after the class begins on January 21, 2015.

Course Schedule:

All classes will be held 3:30 – 4:45 PM in L-110 with the exception of the
1/28/15 class.

  • 1/21/15: ACLS with Ron Mezdon
  • 1/28/15: Toxicology with Judy Linden (R-115)
  • 2/4/15: Trauma with Morsal Tahouni
  • 2/11/15: Disaster Medicine/IV Lab with Lori Harrington
  • 2/18/15: Chest Pain with Ron Medzon
  • 2/25/15: Musculoskeletal Emergencies/Splint Lab with Liz Mitchell
  • 3/18/15: Neurological Emergencies with Evan Berg
  • 4/1/15: Shortness of Breath/Intubation Lab with Thea James
  • 4/8/15: Case-Based Review of Course with Ron Medzon

5. The Spectrum of Physician Advocacy

>> To sign up: Click Here. Our capacity is limited to 30 students, so please apply only if you are committed to completing the course.

Course Managers: Second-year medical students: Katelyn Carey, Karen
Foo, Genevieve Guyol, Jawad Husain, Janine Petito. Contact us:

Description: This student led, faculty mentored elective offers a broad overview of physician and medical student advocacy. It aims to educate students about the intersections between the social and biologic determinants of health and disease. It also builds a community of students interested in social justice, and connects students to potential opportunities for advocacy and mentorship.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Public Health Interventions;
  • Street Violence;
  • Correctional Health;
  • Substance Abuse and Harm Reduction;
  • Early Childhood Care and Programming;
  • Refugee and Immigrant Health;
  • Policy Reform and Health Insurance

Requirements: The course requirements involve attendance of 7 out of 8 sessions, short readings each session, and a brief final project.

Elective Schedule: There will be a total of eight two-hour sessions over three months. All classes but ONE will be held on Wednesdays (unless otherwise noted), 4:30 – 6:30 PM. Dates are as follows: 1/21/15, 1/28/15, 2/4/15, 2/11/15, 2/18/15, 3/25/15, 3/1/15, and Monday 3/6/15.

6. Division of Graduate Medical Sciences (GMs) Courses
Medical students who enroll in GMs courses will be auditing the courses. No
grade will be generated. You are allowed to take up to 4 credits without being
charged tuition. Follow these steps to audit GMs courses:

  1. View a complete listing of all GMs courses at the Student Link.
    You may view course #, time, and instructor information.
  2. You must complete the following form: Registration Verification & Good Academic Standing Approval Form
  3. Fill out an ADD/DROP form. If necessary, obtain signature(s) of course manager(s) to enroll. Bring the form to L-309 (GMS office).

Last day to add GMS classes is February 2, 2015.

7. School of Public Health (Credit) Courses
Medical students with advanced standing, i.e. first-year students who are exempted from one or more first-year medical school courses, may take one SPH course during their first year of medical school at no additional cost. These courses are not considered free-time electives; these courses bear credit and a grade is generated. Courses taken as part of this program will appear on an official Boston University transcript. Go to the Student Link for registration details.

8. Undergraduate (Credit) Courses at BU
First-year medical students may enroll – at no additional charge – in one additional undergraduate course per semester that is not greater than two credits. If a student chooses to enroll in a course that is greater than 2 credits, a charge will be assessed at the rate for that course. These courses are not considered free-time electives; these courses bear credit and a grade is generated. Courses will appear on an official Boston University transcript. You must complete the following form: Registration Verification & Good Academic Standing Approval Form. Go to the Student Link for registration details.