Julia Xu, PhD

Research Instructor

Education: Ph.D. Brown UniversityPhotoHandler (1)

Areas of Interest: Dr. Xu received her Ph.D. in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine from Brown University, Providence. She completed postdoctoral work at Boston University Medical Center and is currently an Instructor in Medicine at Boston University Medical Center.

Obesity and its associated complications are a threat to our public health, and the rising incidence of diabetes is linked to the obesity epidemic. The overall goal of my research is to investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying insulin resistance in obesity. Major research interests include identifying what factors/biomarkers distinguish insulin sensitive from insulin resistant obese individuals despite similar adiposity; understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying how bariatric surgery works, and why some type 2 diabetic patients relapse after gastric bypass surgery; and identifying novel cell signaling pathways involved in the initiation of inflammation in adipose tissue. Cell culture, rodent, and human models in combination are used to address these research questions. For a list of publications click here.

Contact Information:
650 Albany St Evans Biomed Research Ctr
Boston MA 02118

Phone (617) 638-7087
April 15, 2015
Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine