Laboratory of Dr. Byungwoo Ryu

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  • Byungwoo Ryu, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor Director of Biomarker Research Program

  • BUSM

    Boston University School of Medicine

  • Department of Dermatology

    Department of Dermatology (609 Albany Street, J-608), Boston, MA.

Dr. Ryu’s lab is interested in determining the molecular events that dictate melanoma tumorigenicity and malignant progression. The research team is focusing mainly on two main research areas:

Biomarkers for melanoma progression: Our laboratory currently focuses on discovery of molecular biomarkers that can be used for patient stratification and personalized therapy. We are  using genomic and molecular profiling techniques on tissue and blood samples from melanoma patients to find patterns of molecular signatures and correlate them with clinical outcomes.

Therapeutic targeting of metastasis-initiating cells (MICs): Despite recent progress, the molecular mechanisms of tumor metastasis remain unclear. Isolation and dissection of the MICs, subpopulation of tumor cells including circulating cancer cells in patient’s blood, will shed light on the molecular events of metastasis progression. My Lab is focusing on the genetic and epigenetic characterization of the MICs as well as developing therapeutic and preventive strategies of cancer metastasis by targeting the MICs.