• “Instructors were wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them, and loved listening to all the stories of their past experience. All have super personalities, and you could tell they cared deeply about their career choices.”

  • “It was a good mix of subject detail, real life examples and hands on experience.”

  • “This seminar was informative, interesting and enjoyable. What more could you want!”

  • “The method of classroom instruction involving hands-on experience was particularly effective. It reinforces and heightens the learning curve in addition to being downright fun!”

  • “I found all instructors very knowledgeable in their fields and I was sorry to see it end.”

  • “I wish there were more courses available like this one.”

  • “The seminar was effective in conveying extremely technical information in a very understandable and ‘exciting’ way that makes every week a pleasure.”

  • “A really interesting seminar. I enjoyed every session and learned so much. I look and listen to things so much differently now. THANK YOU!”

  • “The hands-on components were excellent and extremely helpful in having concepts sink in.”