ReSPECT Registry

What is the ReSPECT Registry?

The ReSPECT Registry consists of individuals who agree to be contacted about participating in studies at BU/BMC. The Registry contains health and demographic information and is linked to BMC medical records to assist in matching participants to studies based on the main eligibility criteria. As of February 14, 2013 there are 4,473 Registry members! Registry members are recruited into the program on an ongoing basis.

How can BU/BMC researchers and investigators use the Registry?

The ReSPECT Registry is a tool to help BU/BMC investigators find subjects to participate in their research studies. The Registry can be accessed by BU/BMC investigators who have IRB approval to recruit using the Registry. Click here for a Guide to Using the Registry.

Ready to request services from the Registry?

Click here to be redirected to the ReSPECT Registry Request Form.

ReSPECT Registry Demographics

Our goal is to help the community find out about research opportunities, while also helping researchers identify potential research participants to contact about their studies. To ensure diverse representation that will meet the diverse needs of the BUMC community, Registry staff members recruit not only on the medical campus, but also at health fairs in underrepresented communities such as Mattapan, Dorchester and Chinatown, and have partnered with BMC-affiliated health centers to increase minority enrollment into studies. Registry members also represent a range of research interest areas. Some population information is detailed below.

Note: Information below reflects data collected as of October 2014

Registry Demo 2015 2Registry Demo 2015 3