Recruitment Services Program of the Clinical Translational Science Institute (ReSPECT)

The goal of the Recruitment Services Program is to help investigators and their research teams develop effective and appropriate strategies to recruit, enroll, and retain study participants.

StudyFinder is a medical campus website that lists research studies for public view, both for purposes of recruitment and/or general publicity/collaboration. Click here to learn how to create your study’s listing!

A database of individuals, linked to BMC medical records, who are interested in learning about and participating in clinical research studies. Please complete the ReSPECT Registry Request Form to receive recruitment services. For more information, please refer to the Guide to Using the ReSPECT Registry.

  • Consultation Services

Assistance with developing recruitment/retention plans and strategies, completing recruitment sections of IRB/grant applications, and review of recruitment materials. To request consultation services, please complete the CRRO Service Request Form.

Templates, tools, guidance, plans, instructions, sample recruitment language, related links, and more!