Joseph Perez-Rogers

Ph.D. Candidate, BioinformaticsJoe Perez-Rogers, Boston University School of Medicine
Spria-Lenburg Lab


B.S. Bioengineering, Binghamton University, NY, 2012

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Research Interest

Leveraging gene-expression in the bronchial airway to develop a biomarker for cancer in the nose. Within this project, I am analyzing microarray gene-expression profiles from matched nasal and bronchial airway samples to develop a more robust biomarker for cancer in the nose. We hypothesize that gene-expression in the bronchus can inform gene-expression in the nose and that genes with similar expression profiles in both tissue samples will yield better biomarkers for cancer.


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Hong C† , Manimaran S† , Shen Y, Perez-Rogers JF, Byrd AL, Castro-Nallar E, Crandall KA, Johnson WE. PathoScope 2.0: A complete computational framework for strain identification in environmental or clinical sequencing samples. Microbiome 2014, manuscript accepted.

Land WH, Qiao X, Margolis DE, Ford WS, Paquette CT, Perez-Rogers JF, Borgia JA, Yang JY, Deng Y. Kernelized partial least squares for feature reduction and classification of gene microarray data. BMC Systems Biology 2011, 5(Suppl 3):S13