Christina Anderlind, M.D.

Instructor of Medicine


Medical School: Humboldt University, Berlin Germany
Residency/Fellowship in Pulmonary Medicine: Athens Chest Disease Hospital, Athens Greece and Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm Sweden.
Research fellowship in Allergy and Clinical Immunology: Johns Hopkins University
Internship in Medicine: Brown University at MHRI
Residency in Medicine: Brown University at MHRI
Fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine: Boston University
Evans Fellowship in Computational biomedicine: Boston University

Contact Information

Office: E631
Phone: 617-638-8293

Research Interests

Dr. Anderlind is an Instructor in the Department of Medicine. Her research focuses on developing minimally invasive biomarkers from nasal epithelium for early detection of lung cancer. In addition she is also working on developing a prognostic signature for lung cancer by using formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue from histologically normal lymph nodes.

Dr. Anderlind’s research also involves gene expression profiling of upper and lower airway epithelium in order to elucidate the molecular mechanisms involved in the field of injury and the development of lung cancer.

Selected Publications

Jennifer Beane, Luis Cheng, Raffaella Soldi, Xiaohiu Zhang, Gang Liu, Christina Anderlind, Marc Lenburg, Avrum Spira, Andrea H Bild. “Smoking and lung cancer related deregulation of SIRT1 pathway activity”. Cancer Research (under review)

Beane J, Vick J, Schembri F, Anderlind C, Gower A, Campbell J, Luo L, Zhang XH, Xiao J, Alekseyev YO, Wang S, Levy S, Massion PP, Lenburg M, Spira A. “Characterizing the Impact of Smoking and Lung Cancer on the Airway Transcriptome Using RNA-Seq”. Cancer Prev Res, 2011 Jun; 4(6): 803-17.

Adam M. Gustafson, Raffaella Soldi, Christina Anderlind, Mary Beth Scholand, Jun Qian, Xiaohui Zhang, Kendal Cooper, Darren Walker, Annette McWilliams, Gang Liu, Eva Szabo, Jerome Brody, Pierre P. Massion, Marc E. Lenburg, Stephen Lam, Andrea H. Bild, and Avrum Spira; “Airway PI3K Pathway Activation Is an Early and Reversible Event in Lung Cancer Development”. Science Translational Medicine. 7 April 2010;Vol 2; 26ra25.

Junjie Wu, Jun Qian, Chun Li, Letty Kwok, Feng Cheng, Peijun Liu, Catalina Perdomo, Darrell Kotton, Cyrus Vaziri, Christina Anderlind, Avrum Spira, Wellington V. Cardoso and Jining Lü; “MIR-129 regulates cell proliferation by down regulating CDK6 expression”. Cell Cycle, May 1, 2010; v9, issue 9.