2014 Medical-Legal Partnership Summit

April 10-11, 2014
The Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Seattle, WA

Medical-Legal Partnership Annual Meeting 2013

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Tuition Type Through 3/1/14
After 3/1/14
Regular Tuition Rate $400 $500
Group Tuition Rate* $350/person $350/person
Resident/Student Tuition Rate** $150 $150

*The group rate applies in two situations:

A.  MLP legal / healthcare team attending the Summit together. To qualify:

  1. a minimum of three people (no maximum number) from the same partnership must register for the Summit, AND
  2. at least one member of the group must be a healthcare team member.  This can be a someone from the healthcare institution — an MD, RN, MSW or healthcare administrator (not General Counsel or development officer) — or a partner from a public health organization. All participants need to complete their own registration form.

B.  Multiple staff from the same health or legal association (e.g. American Bar Association, Association of American Medical College, state Primary Care Association, etc.) attending the Summit together.  To qualify:

  1. a minimum of three people (no maximum number) from the same association must register.


Please email Kate Marple at kmarple@gwu.edu if you have any questions about who qualifies for the group rate.

**Students from all undergraduate, graduate and professional programs are eligible for the student registration rate. Medical residents are also welcome to take advantage of the student rate.


For more information about the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership,
please visit www.medical-legalpartnership.org.