6th Annual Integrative Nursing Conference
Rediscovering Your Path:  Healing Our Patients, Healing Ourselves.

April 29, 2016 | 8:00am-4:00pm
Tirrell Room | 254 Quarry Street | Quincy, MA

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Keynote Speaker

Dr Janet F Quinn

Janet F. Quinn, PhD, RN, FAAN

Dr. Quinn is an international speaker, consultant, and retreat and workshop facilitator in several content areas, including: Integrative Medicine and Nursing; Caring and Healing; The Way of the Healer; InterSpirituality and the Perennial Wisdom; Creating Habitats for Healing; and Spirituality and Healing. She is one of the earliest pioneers in Therapeutic Touch practice and research and has taught both all over the world.

Janet is also a trained Spiritual Director and Spiritual Coach in private practice, where she brings an InterSpiritual perspective to companion people from all faith traditions or none on the spiritual journey. She is Founder/Director of the Touching Body, Tending Soul™ program.

Janet is an elected Fellow of the American Academy of Nurses, was American Holistic Nurses Association Holistic Nurse of the Year in 1990, and Healer of the Year, Therapeutic Touch International Association, in 1995.  She is the Director of HaelanWorks in Lyons, Colorado, USA, and Associate Professor, Adjunct, at the University of Colorado College of Nursing in Denver, Colorado.


Alison Shaw, NP, HNB-BC, LMT
is considered a pioneer and thought leader in the field of integrative healthcare. She is a Family Nurse Practitioner, Certified Holistic Nurse, Licensed Bodyworker, Certified Energy Healer, and graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. With over 25 years of experience in primary care, holistic medicine and nursing, and private practice, she has developed a unique integrative modality known as Bodymind Repatterning™ which combines body-centered counseling, integrative bodywork and energy medicine in helping people discover  and resolve the hidden bodymind patterns that contribute to emotional and physical dis-ease.  Alison has developed and taught body-mind programs for individuals with cancer, chronic fatigue and other disorders and has spoken and taught extensively on integrative healing and holistic nursing. She is currently on the faculty of The Birchtree Center for Healthcare Transformation and co-directs the Center for Body Mind Integration in Lexington, MA.

Embodied Nursing: How to find your ground, move from center and embody healing presence
As holistic Nurses we know that how we “BE” is foundational to facilitating healing in others. How we live in our bodies is critical to achieving a state of wholeness, intentionality and healing presence. When in a physical and energetic posture that is stressed, ungrounded and uncentered, it is impossible to transform our inner experience, and to find and maintain a state of balance, openness and connection to our authentic self, which is the state of healing for ourselves and others. When we bring the body into an open, centered and grounded posture, the relaxation response is elicited and our emotional state will follow. By aligning with the physical center or “hara”, intentionality and authenticity become more accessible.

In this workshop physiological and emotional effects of the stress response will be reviewed and participants will identify their “personal stress response”; the habitual unconscious physical and energetic posture they fall into under stress. Drawing from the ancient body based philosophies of Yoga, Aikido and Tai chi and the modern models of Core Energetics, Somatics, Embodied Leadership, and Brennan Healing Science, participants will be led in bodymind awareness and movement exercises to identify how their body postures their mental and emotional state. They will learn a set of grounding and centering practices that create a posture of authentic healing presence. Participants will be guided in individual body awareness exercises, diads and group exercises involving movement and mindfulness. Participant will develop a personal plan for incorporating techniques in clinical practice and personal life.


Betsy Simmons, MPH, RYT
, is a health educator, trainer and group facilitator. She teaches breath and meditation for healing & movement practices such as yoga, energy exercise and qigong. Trained in public health, holistic healing, restorative justice, she continually learns and practices.

She credits her learning to U of North Carolina, U MASS Center for Mindfulness, The New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care, Capacitor, Alternatives to Violence Project, Kripalu, New England Center for Tai Chi, CSU Institute for Palliative Care & The Hospice Chaplaincy Network. Trained in Public Health, Holistic Healing, Spirituality and Trauma Healing, she continually learns, practices and shares.

At BMC, she works with The Program for Integrative Medicine and Health Disparities, co-facilitating Integrative Medicine Group Visits for people living with chronic pain and depression. She teaches movement and meditation to patients and staff and is the lead facilitator for Boston Medical Center’s pilot staff mindfulness and resiliency program, “Breathe-Move-Connect.”

“Breathe-Move-Connect” provides skills, tools, and support for practice to help BMC staff become more resilient in the face of stress.  Module 1, Breathe, reviews how we respond to stress, teaches 3 evidence-based skills for reducing stress through our breath, and offers tools to support daily practice.  Module 2, “Move” also reviews fundamentals of how we respond to stress, teaches 3 movement sequences that build resiliency, and offers support for daily practice.  These modules are being taught as part of a larger pilot for BMC staff that will help clinical and non-clinical staff to reduce stress, enhance resiliency and self-care, and prevent burnout.

Bring your ideas and practices to share–how you breathe, move and connect in your life!