Regularly Scheduled Series Application Information

Applications for Regularly Scheduled Series – GRAND ROUNDS and CASE-BASED series – are due annually on JULY 1st.

For each series, the course director should complete the application before the first session. A DISCLOSURE FORM for the Course Director and all Planning Committee Members must also be turned in with each application.

Separate applications are required for each series. If your department has more than one GRAND ROUNDS or Case-Based series, each must have its own application.  Because of the planning nature of Case-Based series, we may consider accepting one application for multiple programs of this type that your department offers. If your department has one Grand Rounds and one Case-Based Series, then you need to submit TWO application forms, one for each type.

If this is your first time applying for accreditation for your RSS program, please contact our office to schedule a meeting to go over the CME process. No first time applications will be approved without attending this brief training to learn the accreditation process. If you have any questions about the application, please call Lara Zisblatt or Grace Morakinyo at (617) 638-4605.

Prior to applying for CME credit, please review the ACCME’s Standards for Commercial Support.

Application Forms

There are two different application documents, one for GRAND ROUNDS series and one for CASE-BASED Series. To download please click the appropriate form below:


To obtain Packet Materials follow the links below:

Grand Rounds Forms
Case-Based Series Forms