Regularly Scheduled Series

The Barry Manuel Office of Continuing Medical Education at Boston University School of Medicine accredits Regularly Scheduled Series for CME credits.

A course is identified as a regularly scheduled series (RSS) when it is planned to have

  1. a series with multiple sessions that
  2. occur on an ongoing basis (offered weekly, monthly, or quarterly) and
  3. are primarily planned by and presented to the accredited organization’s professional staff.

Examples of activities that are planned and presented as Regularly Scheduled Series  are Grand Rounds, Tumor Boards, and M&M Conferences.

Source: ACCME 

A renewal application form is required for Regularly Scheduled Series that are accredited through BUCME; these are due annually on July 1st. Beginning on July 1, 2016, application forms will be accepted through our online RSS system.

Administrators for new programs should contact the RSS program manager at 617-638-4605. No first time application will be approved without attending a brief training about the accreditation process.  CLICK HERE for additional information

Please review the most up to date disclosure policy for case conferences, M&Ms and tumor boards.

*The BUCME office does not accredit any Grand Rounds, Case Conferences, M&Ms, and Tumor Boards that receive Commercial Support