Graduate Program – General Information


The program accepted its first group of students 13 years ago and today 59 students have received their PhDs and entered industry and academia. Twelve students in the program have won the coveted Henry I. Russek Achievement award and an even greater number have been awarded second place and honorable mention awards.  This past year Anna Belkina and Guy Bushkin won the Russek Award. This is a real honor! We have had 3 students win the Science Competition at the Charles River Campus. In addition, we have had one student participate in the competitive NSF program (K-12) where students teach in local school systems and take courses on learning how to teach. Many have attended local, national and international meetings and given presentations. Most importantly over 90% of the graduates have at least one publication prior to receiving their Ph.D. degree.


lab student. confocal

Students in the program take a core set of courses in their first year. At the same time you will be doing research in a number of laboratory rotations in departments that belong to the Program. This will allow you to take advantage of the excellent research environment at Boston University before you commit yourself to a laboratory. The departments include Anatomy & Neurobiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology, Molecular and Cell Biology, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics and Physiology & Biophysics along with the Programs of Molecular Medicine and Genetics and Genomics.


There will be monthly “get-togethers” for all students. The meetings will provide you with the opportunity to discuss the work that you do in your laboratory rotations or listen to the work of senior graduate students in the CMB program. These meetings will provide you with an excellent opportunity to meet graduate students from participating departments and programs. Your fellow students will be your greatest resource!

MENTORING – faculty advisors and student mentors

Academic Student Advisor: The Student Affairs Committee assigns an advisor, who is a member of the CMB Program faculty, to each entering student. This advisor helps the student to plan curriculum, meet with potential research advisors, choose a Department and rotations, and set career goals. The CMB Program advisor will works in consultation with the chosen research advisor and Department throughout the student’s academic career at BUSM.

Student Mentors: The CMB students chosen to be mentors have joined a number of departments and programs and reflect different levels of seniority. They are available to answer your questions about the program and life in Boston!  They are a wonderful resource!!!