Admission Requirements

Applicants for PhD training in molecular and cellular biology should have a bachelor’s degree with emphasis in the biochemical, biological, or chemical sciences. We strongly encourage students who have had demonstrated previous research experience. Post-master’s graduate students and MD/PhD students also qualify for admission. Students in the first year of a degree program in one of the academic departments at Boston University School of Medicine may also apply. The CMB program is also available to students who may have chosen alternate career paths such as biotechnology and education.

An application and acceptance to the CMB program permits you to participate in rotations in all Departments or Programs without the boundaries of a Department. This allows you to explore the many research opportunities at Boston University Medical Center in your first year.

Students are admitted in September for the fall semester. The general requirements for the program are the standard requirements for admission to the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences

Vickery Trinkaus-Randall, PhD is the Chair of our program admissions committee.