Congrats to 2011 CMB graduates

Congratulations to Dr. Erica Walsh

Dr. Erica Walsh in Dr. Zhi-Xiong (Jim) Xiao’s laboratory successfully defended her PhD thesis: “Role of the MDM2 and Retinoblastoma protein pathway in cellular senescence and muscle differentiation” Congratulations Erica!

Congratulations to Sarah Krawczyk !!!! She just defended today August 30, 2011

Congratulations to the following grads in the spring 2011:

Dr. Stephanie Seidl has joined Cell Technology
Dr. Hicham Naimyi has joined Shire Technologies
Dr. LiLeng Zheng will continue to write papers in Dr. Cohen’s lab
Dr. Mike Breen will be doing a postdoc at Childrens Hospital

Congratulations to the winter graduates

Andrew Rankin who completed his thesis in Dr. Fallers lab took a job at  Boston Biomedical in Norwood MA and Kelly Daughtry  who did her work with Dr. Karen Allen is doing a postodoctoral fellowship in the lab of Dr. Christian Raetz at Duke University.



Elma Kurtagic  will be leaving her postdoctoral fellowship at MIT to accept a job at Momenta Pharmaceutical in Cambridge MA.