Meet the Team

Marjory Charlot, MD
Physician Director, Cancer Clinical Trials Program
(617) 638-5756

Salli Fennessey, B.S., C.C.R.P.
Administrative Director of Operations,
Cancer & Hematology Clinical Research Program and Autologous Stem Cell Transplant Program
(617) 638-8261

Anthony C. Shelton, B.S., R.N., O.C.N.
Cancer and Hematology Clinical Trials Nurse Manager
(617) 638-5612

Mary Ellen Migre, R.N., C.C.R.C.
Clinical Research Nurse
(617) 638-8256

Meredith Mistark, B.S.N., R.N.
Clinical Research Nurse
(617) 638-6519

Ramon Cruz, B.S., B.S.N., R.N.
Clinical Research Nurse
(617) 638-4178

Elizabeth Pottier, M.M., C.C.R.P.
Clinical Research Associate
(617) 638-8260

Annie Jose, B.S., C.C.R.P.
Clinical Research Associate
(617) 638-8213

Carolina Major, M.S.
Clinical Research Associate
(617) 638-8274

Stephanie Santos, B.S.
Clinical Research Associate
(617) 638-7537

Nhieu Dang, B.A.
Clinical Trials Financial Coordinator
(617) 638-8273

Priya Gupta Vajrapu, B.D.S., M.S.
Regulatory Coordinator
(617) 638-6521

Jorge Baptista, B.S.
Stem Cell Transplant Quality Manager
(617) 638-6520

Dina Brauneis, C.N.S, A.N.P.
Stem Cell Transplant Nurse Practitioner
(617) 414-1542

Robert David, M.A.
Cancer Support Services Program Manager
(617) 638-7540

Patrice Oliver, B.S.
Cancer Support Services Program Assistant
(617) 414-5773

Cyrena Gasse. B.A.
Cancer Support Services Program Assistant
(617) 414-5726

Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine