Saralynn Allaire

Dr. Saralynn Allaire
Professor of Medicine


Phone: 617-638-5184

Research Interests:  Dr. Allaire’s primary research interest is disability, especially work disability associated with rheumatic diseases. Topics of past projects include risk factors for paid and household rheumatoid arthritis work disability, costs associated with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and adult rheumatoid arthritis, secular change in disability in the Framingham Heart Study community sample, use of the Americans with Disabilities Act by persons with rheumatic diseases, the rates and causes of work disability associated with knee osteoarthritis, outcomes from an employment restoration and preservation intervention, and a randomized trial testing the effectiveness of job retention vocational rehabilitation services for employed adults with chronic diseases.

In her current work, Dr. Allaire is re-examining the incidence of rheumatoid arthritis-related work disability and risk factors for it using a large, national sample and developing and testing a tool to help rehabilitation professionals assess health-related job barriers of employed adults with rheumatic diseases and assist with formation of solutions for barriers.

Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine