2012 Boston Retreat

The 2012 Boston Retreat was a 3-day retreat for training and project development for RAMS Scholars and Mentors that included didactic sessions, one-on-one mentoring with National Advisory Committee (NAC) mentors to discuss their project, and tutorials from a biostatistician to develop an analytic plan. It began the mentoring relationship between the RAMS scholars and NAC mentor, facilitated the development of the scholar’s research project, provided training on research methodology and engaged institutional mentors in the development of the RAMS scholar’s research project.

2012 Boston Retreat Plenary Speakers:
  • James F. Callahan, DPA- Current Executive Vice President of the American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM)
  • Christine Chaisson, MPH- Director of the Data Coordinating Center, Boston University School of Public Health
  • Mary-Tara Roth, RN, MSN, MPH- Director of the Clinical Research Resources Office, Boston University
  • Richard Saitz, MD, MPH- Professor of Medicine & Epidemiology, Boston University Schools of Medicine & Public Health
  • Alexander Walley, MD, MSc- Assistant Professor of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine