ASMS Abstracts 2014

ASMS 2014

Listing of abstracts presented by Cardiovascular Proteomics Center and Mass Spectrometry Resource investigators at the 62nd ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry, American Society for Mass Spectrometry, June 15 – 19, 2014, Baltimore, Maryland.

Abstracts Presented by CPC Investigators:


Gault, J; Malosse, C.; Ploy, M.-C; Costello, C. E.*; Dumenil, G.; Chamot-Rooke, J. Complete Post-Translational Modification Mapping of Pathogenic N. meningitidis Pilins from Clinical Strains Requires Top-Down Mass Spectrometry.


Haserick, J.*; Samuelson, J.; Costello, C. E.* De novo Glycomics of the Parasite Cryptosporidium parvum.


Heckendorf, C.; Théberge, R.; Spencer, J.; Costello, C. E.*; McComb, M. E.*  Automated Protein Identification and Sequencing Using Top-Down MS Data.


Ji, Y.; Liu, M.; Bachschmid, M. M.; Costello, C. E.; Lin, C. Characterization of Lipid Modifications on Regulator of G Protein Signaling 4 (RGS4) from Sf9 Cells by Mass Spectrometry.


McComb, M. E.; Whelan, S. A.; Yao, C.; Behring, J.; Spencer, J.; Heckendorf, C.; Siwik, D.; Colucci, W.; Cohen, R.; Bachschmid, M.; Costello, C. E. – Catalase Corrected Metabolic Syndrom Induced Protein/PTM Changes in a Mouse Model of CVD.


Motari, E. M.*; Bushkin, G. G.; Dubey, J. P.; Costello, C. E.*; Robbins, P. W.; Samuelson, J. The Structural Analysis of Oocyst Walls of Cryptosporidium, Toxoplasma, and Eimeria with Mass Spectrometry and Microscopy.


Spencer, J. L.; Bhatia, V. N.; Kehasse, A.*; Whelan, S. A.; Heckendorf, C. F.; Costello, C. E.*; McComb, M. E.* Software for Differential Characterization of PTMs: Approaches in Data Acquisition and Processing


Théberge, R.*; Hoppe, C.; Heckendorf, C.; Chui, D. H. K.; Costello, C. E.*; McComb, M. E.* Top-down MS/MS Hemoglobinopathy Screening of Neonatal Samples.


Wang, Q.*; Drouin, E. E.; Yao, C.*; Zhang, J.*; Huang, Y.*; Steere, A. C.; Costello, C. E.* Identification of HLA-DR-Presented Peptides in Synovial Tissue and Fluid, and PBMCs from Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis or Antibiotic-Refractory Lyme Arthritis.


Whelan, S, A.; Tan, E. P.; Costello, C. E.; McComb, M. E.; Slawson, C. Alterations to O-GlcNAc Cycling Disrupt itotic Phosphorylation.


Whelan, S. A.; Spencer, J. L.; Yao, C.; Behring, J. B.; Heckendorf, C.; Siwick, D. A.; Colucci, W. S.; Cohen, R. A.; Bachschmid, M. M.; Costello, C. E.*; McComb M. E.* Western Diet Causes Metabolic Disorder in Mouse Heart.


Yao, C.; Behring, J.; Siwik, D.; Whelan, S.; Costello, C. E.; Colucci, W.; Cohen, R.; McComb M. E.; Bachschmid, M. Multiplex Quantitation of Reversible Cysteine Oxidation in Mouse Heart: Effects of Catalase Overexpression and Type-2 Diabetogenic Diet.


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