ASMS 2003

Abstracts (full text) presented at the 51st Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, American Society for Mass Spectrometry, Montréal, Québec, June 2003:

  1. Advantages and challenges… P.B. O’Connor
  2. Data mining methods for MALDI FTMS. P. Kaur, P.B. O’Connor
  3. Sensitivity increase resulting from design improvements for a high pressure MALDI source on an FTMS. S. C. Moyer; B. A. Budnik; P. Kaur; C. E. Costello; P. B. O’Connor
  4. Coupling thin layer chromatography with MALDI-FTMS. V. Ivleva; I. Matsunaga; E. A. Berg; D. B. Moody; P. B. O’Connor; C. E. Costello
  5. Advantages of new high pressure MALDI FTMS design. B. A. Budnik; S. C. Moyer; P. Kaur; C. E. Costello; P. B. O’Connor
  6. An affinity labeling method for the identification of nitro-tyrosine containing proteins and peptides. T. H. Heibeck; C. Schoneich; M. E. McComb; A. Lim; R. A. Cohen; C. E. Costello
  7. Identification of oxidant sensitive cysteine-containing proteins by mass spectrometry. M. Sethuraman; T. Heibeck; T. Adachi; A. Lim; M. E. McComb; C. E. Costello; R. A. Cohen
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