Students Promoting Integrity & Professionalism (SPIP)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Angela Jackson,


Mission Statement: Students Promoting Integrity & Professionalism (SPIP) strives to promote professionalism through student-student and student-faculty interactions that address ethically-unclear experiences, encountered during preclinical and clinical years, that shape our development as physicians.

Description: SPIP was founded in March 2016 by a group of first and second years after an assignment in which we interviewed family members about healthcare experiences. After hearing how overwhelmingly negative most experiences were, we decided to form SPIP to discuss the problems identified by our families – we wanted a student-led effort to help insure we do not become like “those doctors” that our families described. While many components of professionalism are incorporated in the curriculum, SPIP leadership believes that as a student group we can learn with and from one another, as some facets of professionalism can be better understood through discussion and other activities that allow for the sharing of ideas and viewpoints. SPIP is unique in that it is student led and places much of the onus for development of professionalism on ourselves and one another.

The name SPIP was chosen for several reasons – first and foremost, we are a collection of Students (S). Students promoting (P) identified values are crucial to helping us become the best possible patient care providers and healthcare team members. We have identified two values, integrity (I) and professionalism (P) as important to our development. While addressed in the curriculum, these values are often nebulous in nature. Through events such as round-table discussions during which students may discuss classroom or lab scenarios or encounters with patients or faculty in the clinical setting, SPIP aims to propose real solutions to address problems and to help students apply values to the healthcare setting.