Iranian Health Care Students Association

This organization is currently inactive, if you are interested in restarting this group please contact Erika Reardon at

 The Iranian Health Care Students Association (IHCSA) is dedicated to bringing together students of the Boston University Medical, Dental, and Public Health campuses with the greater Boston health care professionals, in order to address health care issues in Iran and Iranian communities in Boston and across the United States. Through educational and outreach programs, the association will also provide opportunities for students to learn about and participate in Iranian culture and society. Monthly group gatherings, Farsi lunches, scholarship opportunities, and local Iranian events are among the many avenues by which ICHSA strives to foster student involvement. Importantly, IHCSA aims to provide a safe and supportive forum for students to openly voice their concerns and critically educate one another. To this end, the group is open to and strongly encourages students from all backgrounds and beliefs to participate in ICHSA events and gatherings to allow for a diverse and fun educational environment.