Stroke Force

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Hugo Aparicio ,

Student Leaders:

Vision: Stroke is a costly and deadly disease that is the fifth leading cause of death in Massachusetts ( 2012) as well as the number one cause of disability in the United States. Sadly, a stroke can occur to anyone at any age, killing 2 million brain cells every minute (National Stroke Association). Therefore, early recognition and treatment can significantly lower the risk of death and disability caused by a stroke. Because of this, the Stroke Force Program will educate the Boston community youth on how to recognize the signs of a stroke as well as the necessary actions to take when a stroke occurs. By doing so, we hope to decrease death and disabilities caused by untreated strokes.


1. Increase public awareness on the signs of a stroke, risk factors for strokes, and what to do after a stroke occurs.

2. Provide opportunities for medical students to improve their public speaking, teaching, and leadership skills.

3. Introduce medical students to cerebrovascular neurologists and different avenues of research regarding stroke.

Mission: Our mission is to advocate for stroke public awareness in the community by giving stimulating presentations to high school students regarding the risk factors and signs of strokes, and the necessary actions to take when a stroke occurs. Furthermore, we will provide medical students shadowing opportunities with cerebrovascular neurologists at BMC. We also hope to introduce medical students to different avenues of research regarding stroke.