FaMeS (Family Medicine Student Track)

The FaMeS (Family Medicine Student Track) Program provides support and early clinical experience to students at BUSM who are interested in primary care. Students have the chance to participate in many extracurricular experiences that promote learning and community service. FaMeS students have the advantage of intergrating several different curricular requirements so that they can have the ongoing support of Family Medicine faculty. This program is a great way to get consistent, early exposure to primary care to help students choose what field of medicine they may like to go into.

Curricular Elements:

Year 1 & Year 2: Placement with family medicine faculty member for Integrated Problems and Introduction to Clinical Medicine courses

Year 3: Preferred placement in health centers with family medicine faculty for the required 3rd year clerkship in family medicine.

Year 4: Priority placement in family medicine sub-internship, senior electives, and the Narrative Medicine elective.

All 4 years: Priority enrollment in The Healer’s Art


Extracurricular Elements:

  • Physical diagnosis and procedure evening workshops
  • Social events with family medicine residents and faculty
  • Attendance at regional and national Family Medicine conferences
  • Opportunities for clinical shadowing
  • Evening workshop on clerkship planning and applying to residency
  • Summer Externship