Academy of Advisors


The Academies of Advisors is an advising, mentoring, and career development program at BUSM. The Academies program is organized (link this to the page entitled Academy Personnel — see below) by the Office of Student Affairs and is designed to improve the advising and mentoring of our students through ongoing guidance and support from experienced faculty members, educators, peers (link this to the page entitled Peer Advisors — see below) and role models of professionalism. The ultimate goal of the Academies is to promote professional, ethical, and humanitarian values and for the students to develop meaningful and collegial relationships with their advisors through professional, academic and social interactions.

The Academies of Advisors Programs consists of six academies named in honor of six distinguished individuals who reflect the strengths, diversity, and history of BUSM.

These remarkable individuals serve as role models for medical students and faculty to look upon as inspiration for their present-day work.

  • Rebecca Lee Crumpler, MD
  • Franz J. Ingelfinger, MD
  • Chester Scott Keefer, MD, DSc
  • Mary Jane Safford, MD
  • Louis W. Sullivan, MD
  • Robert W. Wilkins, MD