Student Life, Health & Wellness

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Student Activity Groups:

*If you’re interested in starting a new student group please set up a meeting with Dr. Polk and Erika Reardon by calling 617-358-7466.*

Student Government:

SCOMSA’s purpose is to advocate for the student body at BUSM.

Student Organizations:

BUSM has a number of student organizations to get involved with. 

Service Learning:

Service Learning at BUSM is an eclectic group of experiential educational activities that supports the Wellbeing of our students by nurturing humanism, professionalism and leadership.

Career Interest Groups

BUSM offers students an early exposure to array of medical specialties through the medical student Career Interest Groups. 

*If your organization needs changes made to your page, please email Erika Reardon at*

Health & Wellness


Physical and mental health are important components of student wellbeing. View the resources available here to help you find a primary care physician, behavioral health support, dental care, student insurance information, and what to do in the case of a needle stick or exposure.

Appropriate Treatment in Medicine (ATM) Initiative:

The ATM Initiative seeks to assure that medical students have the opportunity to learn in an environment that is maximally supportive, collegial, non-threatening, and in every way conducive to academic pursuits.


Mentorship is an important part of your development during your four years at BUSM.

Student Listserv/Electronic mailing list:

An automatic electronic mailing list helps students stay informed of class notices, class meetings, events and to receive communication from administration.