Orientation, BUSM II

Second Year Orientation Schedule

Pre-Orientation Requirements must be completed by all rising Second-Year Students before the start of the academic year.

Safety & Infection Control Training

Medical Student Professional Responsibility and Criminal Record Information Disclosure Agreements

Questions regarding orientation information may be directed to Jessica Smith, Director, or Erika Reardon, Student Affairs Coordinator, Office of Student Affairs.

PPD Testing Info

If you are due for an annual PPD skin test for compliance, you must complete the form emailed to you by the OSA and answer Sections 1 and 2 of the questionnaire to bring with you to the PPD clinic. Any unclear questions can be answered with the nurse when you arrive.

If you have already received your annual PPD skin test at an outside clinic, you do not need to attend this PPD clinic. Please upload the proper documentation to the online health portal Patient Connect by visiting www.bu.edu/patientconnect so that SHS can update your compliance.

If you have tested positive for a PPD skin test in the past, you do not need to attend this PPD clinic. Please visit the online health portal at bu.edu/patientconnect and click Messages. Proceed to click TB Symptom Screen questionnaire. Complete this form and send this as a message to the nurse. They will respond to you and update your compliance status.

If you have Aetna Student Health Insurance – Aetna will cover the PPD test cost and this $20 charge will not appear on your student tuition. If a chest X-ray is required, you should check with the Student Health representative covering the Orientation PPD registration process for Aetna coverage of this requirement.

Non-Aetna student health insurance (private carrier or on a parent’s insurance plan): the PPD $20 charge is placed on your student tuition, however, you are offered a “receipt” at the time of the PPD test, to submit to your own insurance plan for reimbursement. You are responsible for payment of the $20 PPD charge charged to your student account regardless of whether you submitted to your own insurance provider for reimbursement.