Fourth Year Orientation

BUSM IV Fourth Year Orientation

You are required to complete all Fourth Year Orientation requirements for the 2018-19 academic year.  Some of these requirements can be completed on-line.  If you are unable to attend the scheduled Orientation sessions, you are required to complete the requirements before Monday, June 4, 2018.


  1. Fourth Year Orientation Schedule for TB implants/reads,  Mask Fit, mandatory lectures:  Fourth Year Orientation Schedule, class of 2019

The Third Year Clerkships have been informed that you will need time away from the Clerkships to participate.

Fourth Year Pre-Orientation Requirements:

  1. You must complete the Safety & Infection Prevention Training by Monday, April 23, 2018.
    • Click on:  Safety & Infection Prevention Training (OSHA)
    • Click on Login, enter BU username & Kerberos password to access Training.
    • Click on “Safety and Infection Prevention Training” and launch the course.
    • Save page confirming you passed, and e-mail as a pdf attachment to Susan Norris, .    Save the confirming page for yourself as well, you may need it for outside elective application.

3. In addition to the annual required TB implant/read, all your clinical immunizations must be up-to-date by Monday, April 23, 2018.  To check:   If you are not up-to-date, you must bring yourself into compliance, either through Student Health Services, or your own physician, and then you must provide documentation to Student Health Services:  HEALTH COMPLIANCE INSTRUCTIONS, Class of 2019

4. If you require any forms from outside rotations that require paperwork from Student Health Services, please complete the SHS Checklist prior to requesting SHS complete this paperwork:  Student Health Services CheckList 

5. You must review the Title IX Policy:  Title IX Policy and Resources

Post-Orientation Session Requirements:

5. You must agree to and submit the following form after April 27, 2018:  Fourth Year Medical Student Professional Responsibility & Criminal Record Information Disclosure Agreement, Mandatory Lectures & Recording Confirmation

6. You must complete the annually required HIPAA training, which will be offered by Boston Medical Center in September of 2018.

Off-Campus, unable to attend Fourth Year Orientation:  You will be able to complete the above procedures:  the Safety & Infection Prevention Training (OSHA) and the  Medical Student Professional Responsibility & Criminal Record Disclosure Form on-line, and in addition:

7a.  you must review the Mandatory Lectures recording:
Professionalism Lectures

7b. You will need to contact Student Health Services to schedule the TB implant/read, or submit paperwork from your own physician to Student Health Services for the TB screen, as well as to ascertain if you are up-to-date on all other immunizations.  To submit outside paperwork to SHS:  Student Health Services Patient Connect

8. You will need to do a Mask Fit.  Please go to Mask Fit test sessions  to set up an individual Mask Fit.

If you took an additional year between Third & Fourth Years:  If you have taken an additional year between the Third & Fourth Years, you must complete all Orientation requirements, and in addition:

9a. Your BLS training will have expired, and you must renew before Monday, June 4, 2018.  You can renew the BLS training at Boston Medical Center.  You will need to pay for this yourself

 BLS:  review training schedule and sign up on-line at

To contact: 617-414-7880

        You must submit a copy of your BLS card  to Susan Norris

9b. You can also recertify instead by doing an American Heart Association/Red Cross BLS training, and again, you must submit a copy of your BLS card to Susan Norris

10. You may need to re-activate your SCRUBS account – contact OSA for assistance.

11. You may need to have your BMC computer systems permissions re-activated – contact OSA for assistance.

If you will be taking an additional year between Third & Fourth Years:

12. You must complete all orientation requirements for 2018-19 if you will have any patient contact in 2018-19.

13. If you do not have patient contact in 2018-19, you are not required to complete the 2018-19 orientation requirements, but you may want to consider completing them.  You will be applying for outside Fourth Year rotations several weeks prior to the Fourth Year Orientation sessions for 2019-20, and these outside rotations may ask for your most recent orientation requirement confirmation.

Please contact Susan Norris, 617-358-7471 with questions or concerns.