BUSM Military Medicine Interest Group

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Yev Maksimenko Yevgeniy.Maksimenko@bmc.org Dr. Eric Smith Eric.Smith@bmc.org


Mission: Our mission is to provide BUSM students formal experiences where prior, current, and future members of the armed forces can learn from one another about military medicine and its unique characteristics including tactical combat, operational, and improvisational medicine.

Vision: Expose BUSM students to the broad spectrum of careers and opportunities available in military medicine and to the sense of pride and honor that comes with serving in the armed forces.


  1. Organize one talk a semester that gives students an opportunity to hear from prior and current Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen about their experiences in the armed forces and about how to have a             successful career in military medicine.
  2. Collaborate with other student organizations at BUSM to organize events that combine both civilian physicians and physicians serving in the armed forces.
  3. Create a channel of communication for current students to hear from other HPSP students about what the armed forces have to offer as well as advice about different opportunities and responsibilities that are       available during each of the four years of medical school.