Behavioral Health

Resources and answers to FAQs to help students negotiate the stresses of medical school.

Behavioral Medicine at Student Health Services

Referral Coordinator

If you think you need a referral to a specialist, including finding a mental health provider in the community, use Patient Connect to send a message to the referral coordinator. The referral coordinator will provide you with a list of providers who take your insurance and offer times convenient for our students.

Students are encouraged to review the Policy for Separation of Academic/Physician Roles in the Provision of Health Treatment.

Additional Resources on the Charles River Campus:

The mental health resources that are available on the undergraduate campus are also made available for those students on the medical campus. There are multiple behavioral health centers that offer a wide range of services. Most of the behavioral health centers are located on the Undergraduate Campus, accessible via the BU Shuttle that stops in front of 710 Albany St.

Centers include:

Danielsen Institute **BU Aetna Insurance Accepted**

The Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders (CARD)

Check out the Resources Page on the Student Health Services website for more tips and information on being well.

Speak to a Chaplain:

735 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

A variety of chaplains are available to all students, regardless of religious affiliation. Appointments can be scheduled, or students can visit the chapel office on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. Located on the undergraduate campus, accessible via the BU Shuttle.

Other Resources:

Treatment Locator

An on-line database listing local behavioral health providers for persons seeking treatment for mental health or substance abuse.

Physician Health Services 

Physician Health Services (PHS) is a non-profit corporation founded by the MMS that provides confidential consultation and support to physicians, residents and medical students facing health concerns related to:

    • Alcoholism
    • Substance abuse
    • Behavioral or mental health issues
    • Physical illness

PHS also provides a safe environment where physicians can talk to other physicians about the stress and demands of modern medical practice. Issues often relate to:

    • Stress of managing a practice
    • Coping with a competitive work environment
    • Financial pressures
    • Dealing with administrative burdens
    • Work-family balance

 Online Resources:

  • SAMHSA’s Store offers publications and materials on prevention and treatment of substance abuse and mental illness

Substance Abuse Resources: