Multiphoton Microscope Core Facility

The Multiphoton Microscope Core provides BU (and external) investigators with the use of a Carl Zeiss LSM 710 NLO microscope system equipped with 6 visible laser lines (458nm, 488nm, 514nm, 561nm, 594nm, 633nm), a 405nm solid state laser as well as a tunable femtosecond IR pulse laser for multiphoton excitation (Coherent Chameleon Vision–S).

For information on how to schedule with Multiphoton Microscope Core Facility please contact Core Director Tarik F. Haydar, PhD / Tel: 617-638-4249.


Location and Availability

BU User Rates

External User Rates

Carl Zeiss LSM 710 NLO BUSM – Instructional Building L-816
Hours of Operation:   24/7
Technician: available by appointment
$38/hr unassisted
$75/hr assisted
$75/hr training
$75/hr unassisted
$129/hr assisted
$129/hr training

Training Matrix:

Training Module Description Duration/hours
A Basic multichannel confocal and Z-stacks 3
B Tile scanning (+1 hr for multiposition scanning) 3
C Lambda scanning and linear unmixing 3
D Bleaching 2
E Multiphoton 3
F Time series (slices or cell cultures) 6
G Scale (cleared tissue imaging) 3
H In vivo imaging 6

Modality Examples: Required minimum training modules
Multiphoton A, E
Lambda scanning A, C
Tile scanning A, B
Slice imaging A, B, E, F
In vivo A, B, E, F, G


Tarik F. Haydar, PhD
Core Director
Office: 617-638-4249